48 Hours in Madrid

Hola, amigo! Welcome to Madrid, Spain’s capital and connoisseur of all things art, food and football. It’s the perfect place to relax and drink some sangria, especially during the hot summer days. You’ll need that siesta after 48 hours of walking, eating and not getting much sleep!

Day 1


Wake up at 10am. Why not? The Spanish are not known for their early starts. Head out for a coffee and pastry at the famous ‘La Mallorquina’ in Sol, Madrid’s epicentre or for a quieter experience, ‘Coffee and Kicks’ is hidden in a lane off Calle Del Preciados and brews a fantastic café con leche.


After walking through the traditional Madrid district Palacio (and taking in the views that surround the Almudena Cathedral and the Royal Palace), sample some tapas at Mercado de San Miguel! You can pick from a wide range of traditional Spanish plates as well as locally sourced wine and cheese!


Take a walk along Gran Via and stock up on some clothes from Zara and Mango! Not big on shopping? No need to worry. Head up to the ninth floor of El Corte Ingles (Spain’s answer to David Jones) at the top of Calle del Carmen and take in some beautiful views of the city for no extra cost! Templo de Debod is a ten-minute walk away and a perfect spot to watch the sun set!



The Spanish are notorious for their typically late dinners (some restaurants don’t even open until 8pm) but sure know how to turn them into a big night. After some fabulous seafood paella and cava at Rosi La Loca, get dressed up and head off to Madrid’s most famous and internationally renowned club, Kapital. With seven floors that each with a different DJ and vibe, you’re guaranteed to be partying all night long like a true Madrilena!


Day 2:


Before going to bed, nothing cures a hangover like some churros con chocolate at Chocolateria San Gines. Once you’ve dipped their churros into the rich and thick hot chocolate, you’ll never be able to have churros the same way again.


You’ll most likely wake up in a few hours still tired and in desperate need of another cup of coffee! Madrid’s café scene is vastly underrated. Toma Café in Malasana will deliver the goods, and delicious slices of toasts and pastries to accompany your morning fuel.



Take a stroll through El Retiro, Madrid’s answer to Central Park. Consider picking up some bread, jamon and cheese and have a relaxing picnic by the Palacio de Cristal! Once you’ve had your siesta, soak up some of the incredible artworks by Goya and Ruben at the Museo del Prado or Picasso at the Thyssen-Bornemisza.



Flamenco is a must-see in Spain! There are many traditional flamenco performers from Granada who move to Madrid for their big break. You can find lots of flamenco shows in Sol and La Latina, the old district best known for its tapas.


Once the show is over, head to La Latina’s famous Calle de Cava Baja for a wide range of options for an authentic tapas experience. Top off your night by spending it at one of the traditional bars, sneak in some crafty cocktails at the Anticafe or head back over to Malasana for an adventure in their local nightlife.


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