Berlin and its many stories

Berlin is a complex city which is confronting and honest about its (actually very recent) past. You can see this outside the Holocaust Museum which holds a memorial represented by just over 2000 large grey blocks, their meaning open to interpretation.

They scatter plaques across the streets too, in honour of those who lost their lives in the Holocaust. There are plaques for family too, who were persecuted for being Jews. They were also the reason I wanted to come to Berlin in the first place – to be able to make that connection to my heritage. After spending over an hour looking for my great-grandmothers childhood home, assuming it was in the same neighbourhood, I finally found the plaques:

By contrast, the East Side Gallery holds many bright paintings of a wide range of concepts and ideas for the same purpose – for all to learn from the consequences of history. On the back side was a temporary exhibition on injured Syrian refugees featuring photographs and stories, aimed to confront and raise awareness. 

Berlin is arguably Germany’s most international city, so there is a lot of variety of food. Ironically enough, I don’t think I ate anything typically German the entire time I was in Berlin…
Every week the Markthalle holds Street Food Thursdays – stalls which specialise in many different cuisines from Korean to Mexican. I opted for A Taste of Morocco and got tajine steak and cous cous!

Also couldn’t resist this amazing dessert. The muffle is a muffin/waffle hybrid with the texture of a muffin but shaped like a waffle. Anything with Nutella on it is generally pretty fantastic to say the least!

It’s been interesting being in Europe for current events, like the Euro soccer tournament. Just about everywhere has flags up to show their support for their teams.

The Germans also have an interesting sense of humour, or at least the staff of this shop do regarding Brexit. (The queen waves!)

I genuinely have a feeling I will be in Berlin again someday, though I don’t know when that will be. Definitely with views like these:


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