My first day in Athens started off somewhat unconventionally with a trip to my national embassy…to vote in the Federal election. (For anyone reading this not from Australia – voting is compulsory and failure to do so results in a fine) On the bright side, it may have been the easiest voting day I’ll ever have, since there were no queues or massive crowds of people at the booths. (No pictures of this)

Anyway, it has been extremely hot here (and it’s not even July/August yet) with temperatures reaching over 35 degrees Celsius. In theory it’s fantastic because I love summer and warmth but in reality the humidity wasn’t the easiest to deal with. Despite this, I still thought it was a good idea to climb to the top of the Acropolis in this heat (and in the middle of the day)- definitely worth it though. 

I saw what I expected (a lot of history) but also a surprising amount of graffiti, which was everywhere (even close to the city’s landmarks). Some of it was very beautiful street art (below) but a lot of it was mostly standard and not very different.

Athens is a very cool city. It’s filled with really nice vintage shops, clothing stores and antique stores (and that’s not just the flea market either). When I was buying leather sandals at the flea market, the shop owner found out I was from Australia and then went to the back room to show me pictures of his family in Melbourne which I thought was the sweetest thing. 

One of the more interesting places is Anamesa – which describes itself as “coffee with a twist” I.e it combines clothes shopping and coffee and has a small sit down area with a few tables and chairs. Shopping and coffee – not a bad combination!

A moment of appreciation for Greek food, which I love! The Greeks use a lot of fresh produce but also a lot of dairy (I’ve been eating more Greek yoghurt and feta cheese than usual). A few new things I tried:

Fava – like hummus but with mashed peas
This restaurant served a halloumi and mozzarella khadafi pie!

The maotixa tree comes from a tree on one of the Greek islands. It’s normally a liqour served at the end of a meal but this is a sugar substance flavoured with maotixa, served in a small cup of water on a teaspoon

And a classic baklava pastry! (One of my favourites!)

I also took a trip to see the Temple of Poseidon beside the Aegean Sea. There’s a myth that the old King (named Aegean) jumped off the cliff when he saw his son’s boat with a black flag (symbolising his death/defeat in battle) but in reality, his son forgot to change the flag. When he became King, he named the sea after his father – the Aegean Sea. 

One of my favourite places that I’ve been to here is the Panathenaic Stadium – the very first stadium of the modern Olympic Games. 

It has a room which holds the posters and torches for each of the Games:

Not long left in Europe now!


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