Not a Merchant of Venice

Whenever I mentioned to anyone that I would be going to Venice, I would usually be told that there are a lot of tourists around and that the canals can be hard to navigate. Both proved to be true, so much so that I ended up taking the wrong water taxi to Lido on my first morning, which didn’t prove to be such a bad thing:

After making it back to the centre, I spent a while trying to track down a popular fresh pasta-to-go shop (Dal Moro’s) without Google Maps working. Eventually (and after waiting in line), I ate the best pasta of my life by the canals:

Piazza San Marco was where all the tourists were, most waiting in line for the Basilica. 

The line looked more than 30 minutes long so I skipped it and went straight to Doges Palace, in its prime during the Italian Renaissance. 

Also found a gelato place I heard about – pictured is hazelnut/Nutella gelato. Arguably the best gelato of Venice (no exaggeration).

Spent the rest of the afternoon getting lost amongst the canals and finding the old ghetto (the term originated in Venice):

Also took a day trip to the islands of Murano and Burano – Murano for the glass and Burano for the quaint an colourful houses.

Venice is beautiful, particularly in the quieter areas which don’t have many tourists. Though the city itself is more of a tourist attraction rather than an actual city, since not many people actually live there. But I wouldn’t mind coming back 🙂


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