Under the Tuscan Sun


I use the word “sun” very loosely because on my first full day in Tuscany, parts of Cinque Terre (Technically speaking this is outside Tuscany but anyway) rained – right while climbing up all 365 steps to reach the third Terre (Cornigloa). Having spent the past week in Rome and just arriving in Florence (both populous cities), Cinque Terre didn’t feel real. You can no longer do the whole walk because a huge flood that occurred in 2011 destroyed parts of the area, but the trains make it easy to get around. Anyway it’s one of the most magical places I’ve ever been – my five favourite pictures from each terre below:

Florence was also fantastic – and so was the food! Below is a 2kg Florentine steak – traditionally cooked rare. Steak craving satisfied (and this was shared!)

Speaking of sharing, this heart-shaped pizza from Gusta Pizza was not shared. A pizza made with love all for me! 

Not sure if I’d have basil flavoured gelato again though…

I found Florence to be very artsy and quirky, and much less busier than Rome (but still very popular with tourists). I noticed this through the obvious ways (Duomo, Uffizi Gallery (where the Venus painting is held) and Galleria d’Academia):

And some other ways too:

One of many craft/antique shops

I also happened to be in Florence during Men’s Fashion Week, so there were a lot of well-dressed people walking around (I think women and kids are in the next few weeks). I didn’t get great photos of this but I will finish with some from Ponte Vecchio and views from Piazza Michaelangelo:


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