My Roman Holiday


My time in Rome has been incredible, even if I wasn’t a princess and didn’t meet an American journalist with a Vespa. But I did meet some great people who I “roamed” around the city with. (Aiming to throw around as many puns/cliches as I can)
The photos I’ve taken don’t do the scenery any justice. It’s amazing just how much detail and thought has gone into the city, and how most of it has been sustained for so long. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day (cliche, but true). Below are a few of the many monuments/landmarks of the city:  

Fontana de Trevi
Spanish steps
Roman Forum

One of the days we walked through this quaint part of the city called Trastevere which has a few narrow streets with colourful buildings and is so much quieter than the main parts of the city (which can get very crowded because there’s a lot of tourists).

Across from Trastevere is Campo d’Fiori, the main market stalls of Rome – a lot of pasta here in all different colours and shapes.

Nothing like starting my Italian journey with some food! The calzone (folded pizza) I had for dinner the other night was great, even though I wasn’t given the one I ordered. Calzones need to be more popular outside of Italy!

Also a moment for some gelato appreciation – when in Rome (yet another cliche): I was told La Romana has some of the best gelato in Rome, which I think is true. Pictured is chocolate, strawberry and pistachio:

And then I had salted caramel and chocolate fondant gelato from Gelateria Come Il Latte and that just about changed my standards on gelato:

I haven’t come across any Ferraris but I did see some Porsches being driven on the streets. Also a lot of motorbikes (I kept having to dodge the drivers – cars and bikes alike – on the roads).

I also spent half a day in Vatican City where I toured the museum, Sistine Chapel (where you aren’t allowed to take pictures inside) and St Peter’s Basilica, the first church built (and what the White House was modelled after). 

Unfortunately I didn’t have the energy to climb to the top of the dome of the basilica so I guess that leaves my journey in Rome unfinished? I’ll be back one day 😊 After all:


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  1. Abbey x says:

    Salted caramel and chocolate fondant gelato!!!!!!


    1. annies95 says:

      It was amazing 🙂


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