Gaudi’s city and a coast | Barcelona part 2


I’ve fallen behind on the blogging already. I left Barcelona for Rome nearly a week ago, and tomorrow I will be off to Florence! I’d like to write more about Barcelona (because I fell in love with the city) but a somewhat small highlight reel will have to do for now.

Gaudi’s work appears everywhere across the city (including Palau GĆ¼ell) from the park to the Sagrada Familia, which will hopefully be completed in 10 years.

Natural sunlight in the stained-glass windows
I’ve also seen the Picasso museum, who (ironically) was not a fan of Gaudi’s work. 
The Cathedral of Barcelona is more typical of the city’s Gothic influence, which contrasts with the increasingly modern interior of the Sagrada Familia. Inside the cathedral are 13 geese to honour one of the saints, who was killed in the name of the Catholic Church. 

Also a few snapshots from Tossa Del Mar on Costa Brava, (about an hour drive from Barcelona) which holds one of the only medieval towns left in Spain: 

As I travel, there’s a good chance the writing will get shorter and tamping of photos greater, which could be a good thing? 


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  1. wildbookco says:

    Cool post šŸ™‚ I’ll be in Barcelona next month!


    1. annies95 says:

      Awesome! Hope you enjoy it šŸ™‚


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