Valencia #nofilter

Summer is (finally) here! And now that uni is over, I’ll be travelling through Europe before heading home which I still haven’t processed is happening yet!

My last few days in Madrid were spent with my mum who flew all the way over to visit me so I could show her the Spanish way of life. After a few days in Madrid, we set off for the gorgeous coastal town of Valencia, Spain’s third largest city. 

Our first stop was for brunch at Bluebell Coffee, where I had an orange (Valencia is famous for their oranges), carrot, ginger and lemon juice! Actually one of the best juices I’ve ever had – fresh and blended extremely well. 

We tried to go to the markets, except they closed just after we arrived but the Cathedral of Valencia was not too far away.

The Cathedral was built as a mixture of Gothic and Neo-classical periods, which can be easily seen in the artistic ceilings and gold decor. 

Valencia is a very spacious city and feels less congested than Madrid. Although the Jardin de Turia is lined alongside some of the main roads:

Day 2 was spent exploring the Ciudad de la Arts and Sciences – a series of buildings commemorating the presence of art and science in Valencia which finished construction in 2005. But they aren’t just your average art/science museums:

They included some bubbles:

Attempting to defy gravity in my personal bubble

Outdoor gardens:

And even an aquarium!

Dolphin show for Mum!

Lunch was spent by the beach eating Paella Valenciana – seeing as paella originated from Valencia. This version’s main ingredient was chicken, though I think traditionally rabbit is included as well. Absolutely worth it! 

Playa de la Malvarrosa
is probably the widest beach I’ve ever seen – they’ve built boardwalks so you can actually walk towards the ocean!

After a siesta and a light dinner/snack, we heard some fabulous music while turning a corner to see this little gem people lined up to sit on:

Valencia has so many palm trees! I love the coastal vibes in this city! There’s definitely more blue around:

It will be interesting to compare it to the larger (and arguably more popular) Barcelona. 

Also came across the Plaza de Toros – Valencia’s bullfighting arena!

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