My Madrileña Life (a preview)

Recently the four-month mark has passed on my time living in Madrid, and I can’t believe it’s nearly over already! I’ve dedicated some time (time spent not studying for finals) to reflect on a few places in Madrid and ways I have made it a second home.


My university is located about 30 minutes away from the city centre and studying here feels vastly different than back at home – through a combination of being in Spain and the types of classes that I’m taking, which have absolutely no relation to my degree. I’ve taken online journalism, film/TV directing, international journalism and structure and information effects on media systems (which essentially critiques how information is reported across all different types of media).

Cherry blossoms at spring time!

My classes are divided into a lecture and then a practical session, where we are given tasks to complete in class – so it’s run more like a high school than a university. This is also the case in that the sizes of each of my classes range between 20-40 people (both lectures and practicals), whereas back home my lectures could hold up to +200.

Three exams left! (Well – two exams and one final essay)

My morning kick at Coffee and Kicks

Generally if I’m not in my flat I’m here (or at AbonaVida, more on that below), drinking a cafe con leche de soja. The cafe is inspired by the owner’s love of sneakers and they brew a fantastic coffee. I’m going to miss coming in and the barista memorising my order. I’m currently on my 4th loyalty card so I believe I’m one of their most dedicated customers! 😛

A cappuccino on my third free cup of coffee


Coffee, tea, drinks, tapas – AbonaVida has a lot to offer and more, most of it is sourced organically. During the day the vibe is quiet and relaxing which made it to be a calm place to do any work or take a step outside the flat.

Spain is for sangria

A second to talk about one of the coolest places I’ve recently been to – the Anticafe in La Latina. The bar has a hipster ambience with a wide range of drinks and the best sangria I’ve had here!

It’s served in a mason jar! 😀

Other ways I’ve used my time

Planning a month’s worth of backpacking through Italy, Greece, Germany, Belgium and France!!! Also a visit from my Mum where we’ll be seeing Valencia and Barcelona! So although this post I think is a bit short, there is definitely so much more to expect from me 😉



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