But first, coffee! | Holland part 2

This post will be about more than coffee, I promise! But I found that Amsterdam had an impressive cafe scene. There is a fairly high emphasis on fresh, organic produce which correlates to a generally healthy lifestyle (more on the bikes of Amsterdam in a second).


1) Vinnies 

Not far from Centraal Station, I ordered the shakshuka and a cappuccino. I’m the kind of person who likes to use Yelp as a means of helping me find good places to eat, and a lot of the places I was looking at had shakshuka on their menus. Omelettes are also extremely common here. This shakshuka wasn’t served in the traditional pan but I thought it was still fantastic!

2) Blushing

Close to the Van Gogh museum, this takeaway cup is everything.

3) Filter

Close to the Jewish Quarter, I fell in love with this place so much that I almost didn’t leave, literally! When I arrived there were two different types of homemade banana bread that came fresh out of the oven. I couldn’t resist and picked the chocolate one which was extremely satisfying.

4) Bloem 

Literally around the corner from the Verzetmuseum, I had a fantastic sandwich while overlooking the canals. Bloem emphasises its’ use of organic produce as well.

5) Lavinia Good Food

Gorgeous vibes in this place!

Some observations of the culture

Bikes are everywhere in Amsterdam, no exaggeration. I had to be really careful crossing the streets because they come by extremely fast. There are lines of bikes by the bridges and designated parking spots.

Another thing I noticed and found very interesting was the encouragement of entrepreneurs and start-up enterprises. Spaces (originated in Amsterdam) allows for companies to hire an office for the day (like hot-desking) while being in a cafe-style surrounding. It’s even used by companies like Uber and Trivago.

Check out part 1 of my Holland adventures!


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