FAB FOUR: Malasaña

I thought I’d bring this format back today!

Of all the districts in Madrid, Malasaña is my favourite. It’s full of trendy shops, cafes and bars and has a bit of a hipster vibe. Sydneysiders in Madrid often say it is reminiscent of the suburb Surry Hills, which is probably why I love the area so much (I have no shame in admitting my love for hipster cafes).

Here are some of my favourite places in Malasaña so far:

1) Toma Cafe 

I was recommended this cafe on my very first day in Madrid, from a girl who worked in the hostel I temporarily stayed at. Toma serves some of the best coffee in Madrid. Pictured above is a flat white, choco picante (hot chocolate with chilli) and some jamon (not mine). Although I wasn’t a fan of the choco picante, I later ordered a chocolate brownie which just so happened to be fresh out of the oven. My only regret is not taking a picture!! Easily the best brownie I’ve ever eaten in my life.

2) Federal Cafe Madrid

If it’s one thing I miss about home, it’s the brunch! Federal is coincidentally owned by an Australian and the menu is very much influenced by Australian-style brunch (think poached eggs on avocado toast, haloumi cheese, etc). I ordered the shakshuka (I think I have finally decided that this is my favourite meal of all time) with a side of haloumi cheese and a hot ginger and lemon drink which was perfect for beating the winter blues. I am working on making my way back to Federal soon, otherwise I can go to their cafe in Barcelona!

3) Restaurante Ojalá

Madrid is a landlocked city, with a beach in Valencia accessible by a 1.5-2 hour train trip. So what is one to do when the beach is so far away? Open a restaurant/bar with an indoor beach! Ojalá has a fantastic dinner and drinks menu and I hear their brunch is also quite good. The multi-coloured lighting was also a great touch to a vibrant place.

4) La Bicicleta Cycling Cafe and Workplace 

I briefly mentioned La Bicicleta in my last post, where I ate tomatoes on toast (naturally ordering extra avocado). Many students come here to study and drink a good coffee, and I’ve been told their weekend brunch menu is also popular. The cafe is centred around a cycling theme, with bikes on the walls and customised sugars (pictured). You can even collect stickers at the front!

I know that there are many other places in Malasaña (and I suppose Madrid as a whole) to check out, but so far I have already fallen in love with these four!


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