P.S I love you, Dublin 

A few hours ago, I returned from a weekend trip to Ireland! I went to visit Mae, one of my closest friends who is studying there at the moment.

Although Ireland is vastly different from Australia in many ways (especially where the weather is concerned), going there gave me a small taste of what it would be like returning to Sydney:

  • Driving on the left side of the road
  • More expensive coffee
  • Saying “Hi” rather than “Hola”

I spent my first day covering my bases of Dublin. You can navigate your way using trams and buses but everywhere is walkable. At the moment, work is being done to install a new tramline.


The steeple in O’Connell Street, the tallest structure in Dublin


Ha’penny Bridge

I made my way to Dublin Castle. There weren’t many people there on a Friday morning so I was able to explore some of the rooms in the State Apartments on my own!

St Patrick’s Hall


I also went to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. This year marks the 100th year anniversary of Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations (March 17).

While I was eating lunch in the inner city area, I stumbled across a coffee shop next to George Street Arcade (filled with unique market stalls) which claimed to brew the 2nd best coffee in Dublin. Naturally, I was curious. (It was fantastic, though I didn’t have time to track down number 1).

I also spent a long time walking through Saint Stephen’s Green, the main park of Dublin:

This is where I met up with Mae and we walked through Trinity College and we went out for a nice dinner (I ordered Irish lamb skewers!).

The next day, we had a quick brunch and set off on a half-day tour to Wicklow Mountains, where some of the scenes for the films P.S. I Love You, Braveheart and TV series Vikings were filmed.

I almost don’t believe I was really there, in the Irish countryside. In winter it is extremely green and spacious, and a big contrast to the city I have seen.

Our tour also stopped at Glendalough National Park. I wasn’t able to take many pictures – it was so cold my phone battery needed to be recharged!

For dinner, we ventured out to a traditional Irish pub by the name of The Hairy Lemon. I don’t think I will ever not find the name amusing. Before I left, the Irish stew was recommended to me: lamb, vegetables and potatoes and I was not disappointed! The other meal pictured is seafood chowder – another Irish classic.

Ireland is a unique place. While there, I was told Gaelic is still taught in the schools. The street signs (particularly in Dublin) are in both Gaelic and English. There is so much character to Ireland that sets it far apart from its neighbouring counterpart, England. It was an eventful experience!


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