FAB FOUR: Some food/drink tips I’ve learnt so far in Madrid

Trialling a new format – this way in the future I may be able to cover some of my current and future favourite cafes, tapas restaurants, places to see, etc. I’ve seen many articles that contain lists and although there are a lot of them, they are generally quite easy to read.

I like to share and exchange tips and ideas because you never know how helpful they can be, whether or not you have visited Madrid or are planning to visit in the future. These tips are primarily geared for those who want so save a bit of money when eating out.

1) Be prepared to pay extra for a cappuccino 

I’m not sure if this is a common occurrence in Europe but in a number of places I’ve seen, cappuccinos typically cost a little bit extra than a cafe con leche (latte). If you’re visiting Madrid on a tight budget and REALLY want a coffee, ordering a cafe con leche (or other preferable alternatives) may save you a few cents.

2) El Tigre: budget-friendly heaven

Whether you’re a student studying abroad or living in Madrid, you know about El Tigre. It’s famous for its large, free plate of tapas that comes with a drink ranging from about 2-4 Euros. It’s a popular place for those who want to save a bit extra while enjoying some tapas and cervezas.

3) Know how much what you want before getting churros at Chocolatería San Gines

Arguably the most popular place to eat churros is at the Chocolatería San Gines, so naturally there is a queue. When you get to the front to order, the menu is in a corner slightly away from the counter. You may feel a bit rushed when you are ordering. As a rough guide, churros raciones (the thinner version, pictured) comes in servings of 6, 10 and 15 and remember to order tazas (thick hot chocolates)!!

4) Jamon is literally everywhere

If you like ham, you will love Madrid. Jamon is one of the city’s specialties and it appears in a majority of meals served at tapas bars and restaurants. There is even an entire chain dedicated to the meat – Museo del Jamon, which is located in multiple areas of the city.

Madrid is a great city for food, coffee and tapas bars and I’m looking forward to seeing more of them during my time here. Let me know if this was useful and you want to see more of these types of lists! 🙂


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