Adventures in tapas 

I had my first proper tapas experience a few nights ago! Some friends and I went to a street which was recommended to me in a district called La Latina. La Latina is famous for its tapas and the street of Calle de Cava Baja is where the locals will often go to eat.

After walking up the street for a few minutes, we decided to enter La Perejila:

The tables were extremely tiny, especially since it was starting to become crowded but it had a fantastic vibe. The restaurant was buzzing with people excited about their food and the walls were decorated with lots of intricacies and pictures.

La Perejila has two menus: one in Spanish and one in English. We were also given a free basket of bread with a small bowl of olives. I was surprised to find that the Spanish olives tasted much nicer than the olives I have tried back in Australia, though olives are a staple in the Meditteranean diet so they are more common in places like Spain.

We ordered three tostas (open sandwiches) and two raciones (larger servings of tapas):

In the foreground is the smoked salmon tosta  and further away is the Jamon Iberico tosta.

Next came the smoked cod – this was my favourite dish of the night. It was served with a cream cheese-style sauce. When they were combined together on bread, it was delicious.

The next tosta that arrived was my pick – “Torta de la Serena” cheese served warm with grapes and almonds. To be honest, I was a little disappointed, mostly by the combination of grapes and cheese but sometimes this is what happens when you make an adventurous decision.

We also ordered roasted peppers served with Cantabrian-salted anchovies. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to take a picture but it was a great dish and the first time I tried anchovies! It’s a dish that I don’t think everyone would like but I certainly did.

Spanish cuisine is definitely unique. I’ve started to pick up some tips I’ve learnt as a student in Madrid, which hopefully I will share soon. 🙂


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